about us

Ooh. we get kinda crazy about design

We believe design has endless possibilities, and that creativity is flowing always and everywhere.

We hate fake… Fake businesses, fake people. We simply surround ourselves with real, genuine personalities. (Even silly personalities too. We kinda have to cause we’ve got an owner with one! And is proud of it!…)

“Hey there! I’m Monica. Ok, so here’s the truth. I’ve always been super shy. Yup. Then one day I just got tired of that and decided to just stop and simply be me. I stopped caring what others thought. It freed me. I’m still shy on occasion, but now I can comfortably be a total goof ball and I love it.
I’ve worked the corporate jobs, which made me a super expert in high level customer service. Always had some sort of business since I was a kid, but it wasn’t until this one, that I found my home. Art and creativity is my everything.” – Monica

The other owner – some call him the ‘techy’ one, the brains of the operation. But Alpha is actually the ultimate creative…

“For me, simpler is better. As soon as something becomes complicated, it becomes undesirable. I was in a lot of complicated situations as a kid and I had to make them very logical and simple.
If there’s one thing I could do for the rest of my life, it would be this: Graphic Design. Creating cool shit. Being an introvert, my best creativity comes through when I take time to think – separating myself from the world. I’m like Jason Statham in Transporter – I like things quiet – I like to think.”

Lastly, just to brag a little… In 2013, we won the Business Award of Excellence. Since then we’ve been nominees in the 2014 Marty Awards for the Established Media Arts category.

speaking topics

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  •  5 Keys to a Killer Website
  •  Create a Kickass Brand!
  •  His Lego & Her Kindergarten: Market Your Brand for Success
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Monica Blackburn

creative director

Alpha Blackburn

graphic designer

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